The world moves much faster these days than we do. Technology moves even fasssster!

Years ago we could only Screen-print a Towel in multiple spot colors or up to and including 4 Color Process. It took making 1-5 Screens, blending in CMYK colors, hand mixing in the printing paints to get the right PMS Shade color and sometimes the client had to do another sample run or two to get their look more perfected.

Then came Digital Printing or Dye Sublimation where you can print any amount of colors and shades and see with the best 300 dpi resolution, clarity and in the most vibrant of colors; artwork that could never be attained before.

Not only has this changed industries and the types of applications or material substrates it can be used on, but it’s cleaner, much faster and much more cost effective.

Our company; was on the forefront of the technology, invested in the machinery to make all our items environmentally friendly, our yarns and weaving technology have the best feel and absorbs water much better, much quicker and dries 3 times faster than most towels.

Most of our products are Sustainable, Anti-bacterial, Anti-pill and Chlorine Resistant.

We are a vertical factory which means we grow the cotton, weave it internally and then embellish all with Printing, Laser, Embroidery or Embossing technologies.

We offer a 24 Unit Minimum on most of our products and a 1-4 Week ( depending on the item ) Ship after Payment and Art Approval.

We can Private Label Towels and other items on a Custom Platform up to and including 24 Lbs. / Dz. Weights, can dye the towels to the colors of yarn you require using very specialized propriety software and embellish them in multi-color designs, woven borders or using relief such as embossing. laser, embroidery and a woven patch.

We offer over 130 Products that can be manufactured, embellished flawlessly and delivered anywhere in the World before most factories are near the midpoint of their production.

If you are considering doing a Special Program, we can accommodate that for you with the Branding Technologies you desire and the Packaging for both a Retail Program and / or a Promotional Giveaway.

Soon we will Include in the Website aONEmin Section.

Here, there is only a OneMinimum purchase of 10 Stock items we manufacture and stock. Here one can have any one of our 200 Stock Full Color Designs with a Personalization or Name, Location of an Event, a Date and / or Text can be placed within the Designated area of the design they choose and shipped within 48 hours. Delivery is Included in the Price to any 1 Destination in the USA.

This NEW! OneMinimum program is great for holidays, employee incentive, retail promotions, Employee recognition, gift with purchase, Event follow-up or anything else you can tailor it to or for.

Please feel free to reach out to with any questions, ideas or needs you require to make your Branding Extravaganza very special.